Five Cool Things

Five Cool Things


The ever-popular "Five Cool Things" highlights events and happenings from around the University. Here are this month's picks for the "cool" things you need to know. 






1. Training Day:

Light Rail is getting closer to campus every day. Testing has begun and will continue through the coming months. Check out for the latest updates and information.

LYNX Blue Line being tested in University City

2. Racing Thoughts:

Did you know roughly 10 percent of NASCAR engineers are UNC Charlotte graduates? Grad student Tucker Bisel gives us the lowdown and takes the 49er Cup Car for a “spin.”

The 49er Cup Car


3. When Norm Met Sallie:

The Alumni Association has added a new member to the family! Sallie Sistare (pictured with Alumni Association President Steve Steiger) joins the University as the new executive director of alumni relations. Go Niners!

Steven Steiger with Sallie Sistare

 4. Cracking the Code 

Web development is one the economy’s fastest-growing careers, and UNC Charlotte’s Coding Boot Camp gets you in on the action. With full- and part-time tracks offered, you could be a web developer in just 12 to 24 weeks. Check out the recent graduate expo.

5. Gotcha:

The Carnivorous Plant Carnival on June 24 is sure to draw crowd – a celebration of these special plants, the carnival also features crafts, games, face painting and more. Visit the UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens … at your own risk!