UNC Charlotte Ranks High in Economic Impact Study

The numbers are in, and UNC Charlotte has plenty to be proud about, providing a healthy return on investment and net economic value to the Charlotte region.

UNC Charlotte packs a big punch in the regional economy, according to a study conducted by Economic Modeling Specialists International for the UNC system.





Among the findings for fiscal year 2012-2013:

  • The University’s accumulated contribution to the region in payroll, operation, construction, and start-up companies was $2.1 billion. 
  • UNC Charlotte alumni currently employed in the Charlotte Service Region contributed $1.4 billion in added regional income.
  • For every dollar spent on education at UNC Charlotte, North Carolina communities receive a cumulative value of $12.10 in added state income and social savings. 
  • 14.8 percent average return on investment for taxpayers, yielding a 5.4 percent benefit-cost ratio$5.40 returned to the region for every dollar spent.
  • In FY 2012-13, UNC Charlotte start-up companies created $51.3 million in added regional income – the equivalency of 401 jobs
  • For every dollar that UNC Charlotte students spend on their education, they can expect a return of $3.10.

Find the complete UNC Charlotte data here.

“UNC Charlotte provides an indispensable value to our region,” said Chancellor Philip L. Dubois. “Higher education is a key economic driver in the Charlotte region. Research has shown that for high school graduates, attaining even one year of college added significantly to the Charlotte region’s gross domestic product. This UNC study affirms UNC Charlotte’s economic value proposition.”

Dubois said that more than ever Charlotte-area businesses and industries look to the University for student and faculty talent and partnerships to drive innovation and help spur job growth.