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UNC Charlotte Crowdfunding Application

Thank you for your interest in UNC Charlotte’s crowdfunding platform. The next round of crowdfunding projects will launch in October 2017.  The deadline for applications is May 1, 2017.

After the criteria below is completed and submitted, the application will be evaluated for a 30-day crowdfunding campaign. Once selected, all projects will need to submit a pre-launch strategy that demonstrates the team’s ability to raise a percentage of funds prior to the project’s official launch. The team behind each project is responsible for raising awareness and doing the grassroots work to make the project successful.

Should you have any questions, please contact Shayna Long via email or by phone at 704-687-7218.


Please enter the following information for the person submitting the project.

Please use the following format: 704-555-1234.

Please enter the following information about the project.

Project Lead 1

Project Lead 2

(Is there a specific group of people that you will focus on during your fundraising efforts? E.g., students, family, alumni who share your major, or industry professionals?)

The success of your campaign relies heavily on direct email communication and social media posts. Generally, you can expect nearly $4 for every valid email address that your group can list. The chart below  should be used to determine your goal:

Fundraising Goal Email Addresses Needed
$1,000 250
$2,500 625
$5,000 1,250
$10,000 2,500
$15,000 3,750



Campaigns will offer levels for donors who give a certain amount of money. This can help a donor decide on an amount to give. Please list at least three potential levels related to your project (e.g., $50 will provide lunch for 5 students during a mission trip).


Tell us how this project will impact UNC Charlotte or the surrounding community.