• Height must remain consistent
  • Layout, typography and background must remain consistent

Campaign Branding

  • A 950 x 100 pixel wide banner between the header and navigation may be used for specific, time-defined campaign branding

Exceptions to Header Treatment

Two exceptions have been granted to the way site titles may be displayed in the header of the new University template. These exceptions are for the Belk College of Business and The William States Lee College of Engineering.

When a new University branding initiative was launched in 2008, these colleges were the only two units with a slightly different font treatment for their logos. In order to allow their websites to continue to leverage this branding effort, they are allowed to use caps and italics in their header to be consistent with their marketing materials.

Currently, these are the only two exceptions allowed. For more information, please email the Marketing Department.

UNC Charlotte Website Header
Belk College of Business Website Header
William States Lee College of Engineering Website Header