Common Page Elements

All pages should include the following elements:

  • Link to the home page from the logo; this link should open in the same window.
  • Informative title (helps when users create bookmarks). Page titles should follow the following format: Unit Name | UNC Charlotte. Example: Department of Chemistry | UNC Charlotte.
  • Avoid referring to the University as UNCC or UNC-C. “UNC Charlotte” (no hyphen) or “(The) University of North Carolina at Charlotte” are preferred.
  • Always include the area code for all phone numbers. Use the following format: 123-456-7890. Do not use the long distance prefix (i.e. “1-”) or the USA country code for domestic phone numbers. When abbreviating on-campus phone numbers on websites dedicated to internal audiences only, you may use the following format: 7-1234. Do not abbreviate phone numbers on your Contact Us page or in your staff directory.
  • Room locations are identified using the following format:
    [Building Name] [space] [Room or Suite Number][Suite Letter]
    For example: Cone 110; Denny 220A
    Do not use the word “Hall” when identifying a room location. Do not use a space or any other delimiter between the room and suite number.
  • Email addresses must be clickable.
  • A link to a revised maps/directions page has been built into the footer. This page, which currently resides at, incorporates Google Maps and allows site visitors to generate custom driving directions to the main cam- pus, the uptown campus, the Ben Craig Center, and the Levine Museum of the New South. Visitor parking decks are plotted on the map, and users can zoom in to find specific buildings on the main campus. Links to the Campus Map PDFs maintained by Facilities are also included on this site.
  • Time should be formatted as follows: 8:00[space]AM[space][dash][space]5:00[space]PM 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Long dates should be formatted as follows: Monday[comma][space]December[space]Day[comma][space],Year Monday, December 24, 2011
  • Short dates should be formatted as follows: Mon[comma][space]Dec[space]Day[comma][space],Year Mon, Dec 24, 2011
  • No flyout menus in navigation.
  • All sites are subject to review by the Marketing Services department to ensure compliance with the above standards.