Basic Site Conventions


We also recommend that all links should be written using lower case letters and should not include any spaces.

Note: documents being moved as part of migration will retain their file name formatting to minimize broken links. New documents uploaded after migration should comply with these standards. Units may retroactively make changes to legacy content as is appropriate.

  • Login Credentials - All websites in the centrally-supported Drupal offering require NinerNET credentials in order to log in, and permissions are granted by the Web Communications team. Do not share your login credentials with any other staff member.
  • Link Formatting - Words in links are to be separated by a dash, which has benefits for SEO. Please refer to Matt Cutts' blog from 2005, if a URL contains “keyword1_keyword2”, Google will only return that page if the user searches for “keyword1_keyword2” (which almost never happens). However, if you use dashes in your URLs (i.e., “keyword1-keyword2”), that page can be returned if the user search- es for “keyword1”, “keyword2”, and even “keyword1 keyword2”. Though this point has been argued over the years, as of March 2011 the consensus is to use dashes to improve SEO. If you’d like to learn more, click here to view a video from Cutts.