Guidelines for EduConverse


  • Use an official university header for ALL EduConverse emails.
  • Include a link from the official university header to the sponsoring division, college, or business unit's website.
  • Ensure that hero images are sized to 600px wide by 300px high.
  • In-text images should be sized to 300px wide by 300px high.
  • Add relevant alternative text so images are appropriately described or skipped by screen readers.
  • Resize all images using an editing software such as Photoshop prior to uploading images to the platform.  
  • Use compelling subject lines.
  • Add personalization with the "first name" field tag.
  • Encode special characters.
  • Test messages on desktop and mobile email clients.
  • Seek approval from University Communications prior to sending out messages.
  • Use a button to present a clear call to action for email recipients.
  • Ensure that the preview is text only and appears in black font.


  • Do NOT make any modifications to official university headers.
  • Do NOT use the image resizing features of the platform.
  • Do NOT use colors that are not part of the official color palette.
  • Do NOT use any JavaScript, Flash, or embedded videos.
  • Do NOT place important written information in images WITHOUT providing relevant alt text.
  • Do NOT include a colored background with the preview text.