Design Toolkit

The visual identity of UNC Charlotte helps to establish the foundation for our brand. University Communications seeks to provide resources and support for campus communications and marketing efforts through the establishment of Brand Identity Standards which provide a blueprint of guidelines and best practices for using official University materials.

This brand toolkit contains resources to create communications designed to carry out University initiatives in a manner that aligns with our brand standards. These general guidelines will cover:

  • Using the UNC Charlotte name and emblems consistently leverages the University’s reputation
  • Working within the brand standards to produce creative designs
  • Sharing guidelines and resources with vendors who work on University projects
  • Avoiding alterations to the official University marks beyond scaling for size
  • Preventing the production of unapproved design elements
  • Properly applying the primary and secondary color palettes in a design
  • Requesting photography and selecting images that meet University standards
  • Leveraging resources from University Communications to utilize email communications

Graphic resources and photography are available for download through the University’s BRANDFOLDER platform, which is searchable by keywords.

University Communications Creative Services department welcomes questions and input on the continued development and evolution of the Design Toolkit. We strive to build brand standards and resources that meet the needs of the University, while allowing for growth and creative applications of new design elements that help us to effectively communicate with our audience. Please feel free to contact us at 704-687-0293 with questions or suggestions.

Identity Standards Guide