Print Standards

The graphic standards guide is presented below.  In it, you will find the proper use of each of the elements of the brand.

For ease of use, the following quick references are available: color, letterhead and envelope bundles, fax cover sheet, and Stake Your Claim brand guidelines.

If you have any questions regarding this document or about how to use anything you find here, please contact us.

Click on the icon to download a PDF of our identity standards guide.

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(updated February 19, 2009)

Quick References

University Green (see page 7 of the above PDF)

UNC Charlotte green color swatch

  • PMS 349
  • CMYK (100% , 0% , 91% , 41%)
  • RGB (0, 112, 60)
  • HEX #00703C
  • Letterhead and envelope bundle; details on pages 24 - 32
    Please note: colleges and institutes have their own business cards, letterhead, and envelopes within their respective sub-brand bundles section
  • Fax cover sheet; this single fax cover sheet may be used by any college, department, or unit at UNC Charlotte
  • Stake Your Claim brand guide (PDF)